Herzdesigns für Sublimation und Druck (Digitaler Download)




Herzdesigns für Sublimation und Druck (Digitaler Download)

12 Designs von einem Herz in PNG mit 300 DPI.


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Physical End Products

Below, you will find examples on how to use your downloads for Physical End Products. An example of a Physical End Product is printing a design on a mug and selling that mug.

The Dos and Don'ts when creating physical products.

You are allowed to

  • Download a design and print/transfer it on a physical item without making modifications and subsequently sell that physical item.
  • Download a design, modify it, and print/transfer it on physical item and subsequently sell that physical item.
  • Sell unlimited copies of the physical items that you create with a design.
  • The physical product can be sold worldwide for an unlimited amount of time (for example, product packaging, apparel, and more).
  • Create physical products that you give away, to friends or as part of a promotional product.
  • Create and keep selling physical items using the design or font forever. The Single Sales License never expires.

You are not allowed to

  • Provide a digital copy of the design of the original font/design with your physical product.

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